Carpentry Schools in Jacksonville, FL

There will be no construction industry without the contributions of skilled carpenters. Carpenters work on buildings from start to finish, bringing them to life. Florida is home to a continuous stream of new developments as well as remodeling and repairing of existing structures, which means employment for new graduates of carpentry programs. Carpentry schools in Jacksonville include theoretical instruction backed by hands-on training on-site as well as optional internships for students to develop skills on the job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, carpenters earned a median hourly salary of $23.20 in 2021. With continued learning and experience, you can increase your earnings by pursuing the path to self-employment.

Florida State College at Jacksonville

The Carpentry (Workforce Certificate) program at Florida State College at Jacksonville prepares students for employment in the carpentry trade. Students will learn to safely operate hand and power tools, prepare work sites, and become skilled in foundation formwork, wall, floor and roof framing. They will learn essential carpentry skills in the classroom and through an optional job internship. The program provides exit points for students who wish to specialize in a specific area. Course topics include basic reading skills, basic mathematical skills, tools and pre-construction skills, wood products, substitutes, lumber building and building materials, interior trim, exterior trim, and hardware finishes, leveling instruments, site preparation, layout, roof framing, timber construction, and the optional postsecondary internship. Students must obtain a minimum of grade C or higher in all professional coursework. Graduates will receive a certificate of completion and be eligible for entry-level employment in the industry.

Program overview:

Carpentry Certificate

Contact hours: 1200

Workforce credit hours: 24


  • Must be at least 16 years of age – signed permission from a parent or guardian is required for persons under 18 years
  • Apply for admission to Florida State College at Jacksonville
  • Pay the one-time application fee of $25
  • Must complete the TABE with passing scores
  • Must enroll in basic skills training – depending on scores earned on the entry-level test

Program cost:

Tuition costs $2.328 for in-state residents. Books and supplies cost an additional $400.




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