Carpentry Schools in San Antonio, TX

There are endless opportunities for aspiring carpenters. Carpentry programs take a generalized approach to training. They cover theory and hands-on practice that will help you navigate the industry as an entry-level tradesperson. The job opportunities improve with specialization in areas such as residential buildings, commercial facilities, joinery, and woodworking. If you prefer hands-on work over sitting at an office desk, you will probably enjoy a career in the construction sector which will give you the opportunity to work in the open air. Carpenters, like other skilled trades, are never out of work. As long as there’s a need for new construction and repairs of existing residential and commercial buildings, there will be a demand for skilled carpenters. Moreover, there is ease of entry. Formal training programs that lead to a certificate or diploma can be completed in 4 to 6 months and cover all that you need to succeed at the entry level. Apprenticeship programs take a hands-on approach and give you the opportunity to earn while you learn. With continuing studies to develop advanced or specialist skills, you can improve your salary potential and job outlook.

Northside ISD

Construction Careers Academy (CCA) at Northside ISD prepares students for a career in carpentry. The advanced and rigorous curriculum incorporates training for various sectors of the construction industry, including construction technology, construction management, and applied engineering. Students will develop skills through real-world experiences at local companies. Theory and hands-on practice will set the stage for higher education and a career in the construction-related industry. Carpentry is one of the six core strands offered through the program. This strand prepares students to become a generalist capable of facing any challenge or opportunity in the construction industry. Graduates will receive a diploma and can choose to pursue a degree at a two-year college or four-year university to develop advanced skills and achieve specific goals.

Program overview:
Duration: 2 years
Clock hours: N/A


  • Submit a completed application for registration
  • Must have a valid ID and social security card
  • Attend an interview with an Admission Representative
  • Provide proof of residency

Program cost:
Tuition is free for high school students.

Address: 5900 Evers Road, San Antonio TX 78238
Phone: 210-397-8500