Mechanic Schools in New York City, NY

New York is one of the top states for auto mechanic jobs. Though top-level master mechanics can earn upwards of $90,000 a year, there remains a shortage of qualified technicians to fill positions in auto shops, manufacturers, and dealerships across the state. The era of computerized vehicles calls for digital skills which high schools and vocational schools are not prepared to teach.

Car manufacturers are taking up the challenge and offering specialized programs to update experienced mechanics on new models. The few traditional auto mechanic programs are designed to add entry-level technicians to the workforce by teaching fundamental skills like engine and transmission repairs with a large part of the curriculum dedicated to electronic systems. The mechanic programs listed below cover both the mechanical and electronic systems with an emphasis on developing soft skills in the classroom, shop, and apprenticeship programs.

Lincoln Tech

Lincoln Tech Queens is ideally located near the Greater New York Auto Dealers Association and hiring managers are connected to the school’s Career Services team making it easy for graduates to source employment. Students will learn through theory and practical instruction. Areas of study include rebuilding an engine, diagnosing and repairing transmissions, repairing A/C and heating systems, basic maintenance, automotive alignment, tuneups, and tire rotations. Program graduates can continue their training through the BMW MINI COOPER STEP – Service Technician Education program. They will qualify for employment in independent garages, dealerships, and franchise repair facilities.

Program overview:
Automotive Technology
Duration: Day program (52 weeks) Evening program (78 weeks)
Semester credit hours: 60
Contact hours: 1560 hours


Driving Your Performance, Gasoline Engine Construction and Operation, Fuel and Emissions Systems, Electrical Systems, Driveability Diagnostics, Transmissions and Drive Lines, Automatic Transmissions, Air Conditioning and Electrical Accessories, Advanced Automotive Electronics, Automotive Brake Systems, Automotive Steering and Suspension Systems, Service Shop Procedures, Service Shop Management


  • Must be beyond the age of compulsory school attendance
  • Be a high school graduate or equivalency
  • Sign an Enrollment Agreement
  • Pay the registration fee
  • Take and pass the entrance assessment – Wonderlic SLE with a minimum score of 11
  • Attend the orientation program

Program cost:
The estimated educational expenses for the program is $35,074. It includes tuition ($33,306), registration fee, books, tools, and technology fee. Financial aid s available for eligible students.

Address: 15-30 Petracca Place, Whitestone, NY 11357
Phone: (718) 640-9800

NYADI – The College of Transport and Technology

The AOS Automotive Technology program at NYADI prepares students in all eight areas of ASE Automotive Certification. Content will delivered as lectures in the classroom and hands-on learning in the school’s workshop. The curriculum is continually updated to so students will know how to service the latest vehicles. Graduates will earn an Associate in Occupational Studies and be able to test, diagnose and repair engines, brakes, electrical, transmissions, and heating and air conditioning.

Program overview:
Associate in Occupation Studies (AOS) Automotive Technology
Duration: Full-time (15 months) Part-time (25 months)
Semester credit hours: 60
Contact hours: 1560 hours


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Performance Fundamentals, Steering and Suspension, Manual Drive Trains & Axles, Automotive Electrical Foundations, Engine Repair, Braking Systems, Electrical/Electronic System, Engine Electronics, Fuel Systems, College Reading and Writing, Advanced Undercarriage, Advanced Electronic Systems, Automatic Transmissions I, Climate Control, Technical Communications, Automatic Transmissions II, Emission Control Systems, Hybrid Electric Drive Technology, Technical Mathematics, The Automotive and Society


  • Tour the facility and attend an informational interview
  • Submit proof of being at least 18 years of age. Parental consent is required for applicants who are 17 years
  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalency. Must provide a high school transcript showing graduation date.
  • Must be immunized against measles, mumps, and rubella

Program cost:
Tuition costs $9,000 per semester for full-time matriculated students. Books, materials, supplies, and registration are not included in the cost. Financial aid is available for eligible students.

Address: 178-18 Liberty Ave. Jamaica, New York 11433
Phone: 866-679-1818
Alt: 917-720-4847

Apex Technical School

The automotive training offered by Apex Technical School are designed for adults who want to turn their love for cars into a profession. The curriculum covers instruction in the classroom theory and practical experiences in the shop. The emphasis will be on the removal and inspection of car parts, manual and automatic transmissions, air conditioning repair, fuel systems, tool usage, repairs on car systems, and diagnostic procedures.

Program overview:
Automotive Service & Repair
Duration: Full-time (15 months) Part-time (25 months)
Contact hours: 900 hours


Automotive Engines, Automotive Chassis, Automotive Power Trains, Automotive Electrical, Automotive Fuels, Automotive Performance


  • Must be at least 17 years of age and have parental consent if under 18
  • Achieve a satisfactory score on a standardized exam – for applicants who do not have a high school diploma
  • Attend an interview with an Admissions Representative
  • Submit an application for admission
  • Sign an enrollment agreement and pay the application fee

Program cost:
Tuition and fees cost $18,295. The cost of books and supplies are not included in the cost. Financial aid is available for eligible students.

Address: 24-02 Queens Plaza South, Long Island City, NY 11101
Phone: (212) 645-3300

Bronx Community College

The Automotive Technology program at Bronx Community College prepares students for a career as an automotive technician. Students will learn the operational principles, service sequences, and diagnostic techniques for an automobile. They will demonstrate safety procedures and accident prevention in an active garage, calculate hydraulic pressures in a drum and brake system, calculate gear ratios, use computer diagnostic equipment, and diagnose automatic transmission issues. Graduates will be eligible for certification in automatic transmissions, basic electrical concepts, chassis, engine mechanical, heating, ventilation & air conditioning, and manual transmissions. Through a partnership with the Nissan Technician Training Academy, the program prepares students for a career as a factory-trained technician at NISSAN or INFINITY dealerships.

Program overview:
Associate of Applied Science in Automotive Technology
Duration: 2 years
Semester credits: 37 credits


English Composition, General Chemistry I OR Fundamentals of General Chemistry I, History of Modern World, Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication, College Physics I, Introduction to Automotive Technology I, Engine Repair, Brake Systems, Heating and Air-Conditioning, Electrical Systems, Automatic/Manual Transmission and Drive Trains Or Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics, Alternative Fuel Systems OR Hybrid/Electric Vehicles, Automotive Technology Internship, Computer Applications in Technology, Trigonometry and College Algebra, Physical Education Activity Course or Workplace First Aid, Engine Performance, Diesel Technology, Steering and Suspension Systems, Diesel Technology, Diesel Engine Performance, Air Brakes and Suspension


  • Complete an online application
  • Provide documentation of completing high school or equivalent
  • Establish New York residency if applicable
  • Take and pass the entrance assessment. Applicants will be tested in three areas: reading, writing, and mathematics.

Program cost:
Tuition costs $2,400 per semester for full-time matriculated students. Books, materials, supplies, activity fee, technology fee, and other fees are not included in the cost. Financial aid is available for eligible students.

Address: 2155 University Avenue, Bronx, New York 10453
Phone: 718-289-5367

How Long Is Mechanic School in New York?

Basic plumbing programs that lead to a certificate may be completed in 18 weeks. The program will include hands-on instruction in the school’s workshop. Some programs also include an externship with a local employer. Paid apprenticeship programs are more comprehensive than basic programs and could take up to 24 months. Graduates of the apprenticeship programs have the knowledge and experience to take up major roles in the field.

Does A Mechanic Need A License In New York City?

A mechanic does not need a license to service vehicles in New York City.

What Is The Best School to Be A Mechanic in New York City?

Lincoln Tech and Apex Technology receive constant positive reviews on their mechanic programs. Students acquire skills through extensive hands-on training as they are exposed to real-world scenarios throughout the program. Both programs require 15 to 24 months for completion and provide graduates with job placement assistance.

What Is The Hourly Rate For Mechanics in New York City?

Some of the top mechanics earn $37 to $57 per hour in New York City. Entry-level mechanics in New York City earn an hourly wage of $21 to $23.