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The construction industry is experiencing a labor shortage that leads to increased building costs according to the Associated General Contractors of America. Plumbers are included in the list of most difficult positions to fill, and contractors are not expecting the shortage to be resolved any time soon. The shortage is especially challenging in California where contractors are trying to meet population demands for new construction and repairs.

The dwindling trade workforce, as current workers approach retirement, are not being refreshed by new workers. Though California’s plumbers earn some of the highest salaries in the country, very few people consider a career in this and other skilled trades. A career as a plumber will offer job security, high wages, and opportunities to expand your skillset. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that plumbing jobs will increase at a faster than normal rate of 14% over the next decade. By enrolling in a plumbing school, you can acquire skills to work competently in this high-demand field.

Los Angeles Trade Technical College

Los Angeles Trade Technical College trains adults for employment in the plumbing industry through its Degree and Certificate programs. The curriculum covers essential knowledge and skills needed to service residential, commercial, and industrials projects. Students will learn how to read blueprints, layouts, estimate jobs, install piping systems and fixtures, repair supply and waste water systems, and much more. Required courses include Introduction to Plumbing, Fundamentals of Plumbing, Basic Plumbing Principles, Working Drawings and Layout, Plumbing Math and Procedures, Plumbing Code, and others. Graduates should be able to use the knowledge and technical skills to construct a plumbing system, use plumbing tools, perform standard trade calculations, and use current plumbing codes, industry rules, regulations, and legal standards in the construction of a credible plumbing system. The program requires a full-time commitment of at least 24 hours per week plus offsite work.

Program overview:
Plumbing Certificate of Achievement
Duration: 4 semesters
Units: 48


  • Submit a completed LATTC Application online or in-person
  • Complete the Self-Placement portion of the application using the high school transcript as a reference
  • Log in to the Student Portal and complete an Online Orientation
  • Meet with a counselor and complete the education plan

Program cost:
The cost of tuition for one year of attendance is $1,830. Books and supplies will cost an additional $1,620.

Address: 400 West Washington Blvd, Los Angeles 90015
Phone: (213) 763-7000
Fax: (213) 763-5393

Los Angeles City College – Community Services

The Foundations of Plumbing courses offered by Los Angeles City College is offered online through LACCExtension. Students will learn fundamental, job-ready skills to begin work in the plumbing and piping industry. Theory and demonstrations will cover plumbing safety and safety materials, the function of components required for constructing standard piping and water supply systems, application and installation of plumbing fixtures, identification of piping materials and fixtures used in plumbing, and essential math functions, calculations, and interpretation of plumbing codes. The program is delivered online allowing for self-paced study. Admission is based on an open enrollment policy.

Program overview:
Foundations of Plumbing
Duration: 12 months
Course hours: 145

  • Must have access to a computer and reliable internet

Program cost:

The cost of the program is $2,195.
Address: 855 North Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90029
Phone: 855-520-6806

Sutech School of Vocational and Technical Training

The Building Maintenance course at Sutech School of Vocational and Technical Training provides students with basic knowledge and skills to perform the duties of a Building and Electrical Maintenance worker. The curriculum will cover 540 hours of theory and practical instruction in plumbing, woodwork, painting, and electrical switches in factories, office buildings, apartments, and homes.  Course modules include Theory, Terminology, Safety, Usage of Power and Hand Tools, Plumbing, Structure Repair, Basic Electricity, Electrical Switches, and Basic Home Improvement. A minimum GPA of 78% or grade C and attendance of at least 70% of classes are required for graduation. Classes meet Mondays through Fridays for 6 hours each day.

Program overview:
Building Maintenance
Duration: 17 weeks
Clock hours: 540


  • Submit a completed application to the program

Program cost:
The cost of the program is $5,400 for students who complete it on time.

Address: 3455 E. Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90023
Phone: (323)262-3210
Fax: (323)262-0459